Stephen Curry, One Year After…Not Better!

Since my article was published (see Stephen Curry, Ankle Injuries Analysis), Mr. Curry had several new ankle injuries. But this time with new elements to be considered: 1) the surgical reparation did not prevent the injury recurrence and 2) the frequency of the injuries increased.
As a result of the last injury events, new professionals where consulted. Nike performance evaluators, in-house trainers and other health providers gave opinion and implemented a myriad of strategies to solve Mr. Curry’s problem. However no one yet was able to solve what seems at this point a frustrating route to nowhere. All of them are looking either for causes in the wrong place or providing solutions to wrong causes.
Shoes makers recommended new type of shoes; surgeons suggested new surgeries; trainers and coaches implemented strategies to increase strength and flexibility; other alternative medicine professionals offered their resources too. None of them yet stopped to collect the available information and rationally organize it, and complete it with new evaluations. If they do that they will find out that, as I already explained one year ago, the main reason of the injury and the one that nobody has worked on yet, are his TECHNICAL SKILLS. Those skills are the outcome of years of training, and today they are very well established in his coordinative background. You can see in the pictures below how today’s injuries are the result of many years of consistent repetition of a mechanic that first damaged silently the structure, and ended in the repetitive visible injuries that we all know.
Mr. Curry, an amazing young athlete with a huge sport future in front of him, is ending his career too soon thanks to a coordinative technical deficiency that nobody understands and knows how to change.
The latest medical review (from March 28th, 2012 news report) indicates that he might be able to play in two weeks after MORE REHABILITATION!!!! The usual magical thinking that makes the people believe that more of the same will produce the desired change.
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  1. Take his shoes off! have him practice barefoot so he will feel the pressure&/pain from moving incorrectly.
    You could start with just walking to light jogging to bring the proprioception back in his feet.

  2. Freakin' GREAT work! It's all there, isn't it. Outstanding analysis.

    I do a lot of work with my ballplayers barefoot, to help strengthen the foot/lower leg. I'd have the kid take his shoes off every now and then to help change the pathology of his injuries.

  3. Is there any way to get this article forwarded to mr. Curry himself?...
    How there isn't a single trainer around him that knows anything about movement baffles me.

  4. Great work. We can see there is an obvious pronation problem. It also appears that he doesn't tend to have his ankles taped either although he could, but its not very visible from the pictures taken. Looks to me like he's going to have to commit to changing what has become second nature to him even in his everyday walking. A shoe that accommodates the pronation of his foot may help, but he will have to commit to change. Great work on this article.

  5. How do other basketball players with better technical skills images compare when performing similar movements?

  6. Great article. Making us more aware of faulty foot mechanics and what it may lead to. Thank you for sharing this information and adding photos for the visual aspect. This reminds me to take a better look at any of my clients who may pose a similar problem such as Mr. Curry's and furthermore help aid in the prevention of future injury to any of my younger athletes.


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